OCTOBER 25, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 8:06 p.m. by President Martha Miller.

Board members present: Martha Miller, David Wilkins, Marietta Fernandes, and Carol Le Seure

As the first order of business Martha Miller suggested we send a plant to Kay Miller at Brady Miller GMAC as thanks for letting us use their building.

Members of the Association then introduced themselves.

Old Business

Martha announced developments this year:
l. We now have a website thanks to David Wilkins and Mark Zinzow.
2. Since no fish stocking was done this year, we have saved $1000.
3. There have been no legal fees.
4. The raft at the south end of the Lake has been removed. (Martha noted that the raft at the north end probably also needs to be removed.)

Martha noted that we have a continuing problem with non-residents using our beach. We also have had motorcyclists speeding through the subdivision late at night though this had not been a problem lately.

She also informed residents that the money left over from last year's budget will be placed in a special fund for possible lake improvements such as riprap for the island, which is showing signs of erosion.

She also praised Marietta Fernandes and David Wilkins for putting copper sulfate into the lake earlier this year.

Martha then asked that the minutes from the last general meeting (October l999) be approved as published. Harry Swift moved for approval; Marv Carbonneau seconded. Motion carried.

Martha also reminded residents to check the real estate ads to be sure that they don't advertise "Maynard Lake" when, in fact, the homes are not in our subdivision.

Treasurer's Report

Marietta Fernandes presented the Treasurer's report for the l999-2000 year and the budget for the 2000-2001 year:

Beginning Balance 10-1-99 350.97
Income l8961.72
Expenses l4082.55
Transfers 4400.00
End Balance 9-30-00 1152.12


Beginning Balance 368.46
Transfers 4400.00
Interest 232.47
End Balance 4316.20

For the fiscal year 2000-2001 Marietta projected a total outflow of $l7,375 and a total inflow of $l8,880 for a difference of $1505.

A general discussion followed concerning the use of the lake by non-residents, especially teenagers at night. David Boyd said that he has chased them off a couple of times and on two different occasions called the police who asked the young people to leave.

Mary Mc Grath of Cozad Asset Management reported that our dredging fund is now worth $225,000.
New Business

Earlier in the meeting Marietta Fernandes reported that our insurance agent had suggested that we consider lowering our association liability insurance, which
would save us about $300. a year. Nancy Works moved that we continue our current coverage (4 mil); Pat Carrington seconded. Motion carried.

David Wilkins reported that in response to concerns about communication from the Board to the residents, our Website went online last March. Its address is www.maynardlake.org He also outlined improvements to the site that we plan to make:

l. An Architectural Review form, which will provide guidelines for those contemplating changes to their homes, will be included on the site.
2. A history of Maynard Lake will be completed. (He asked that anyone who has old pictures or information about the early years of the Lake send them to the Board.
3. The Association will be connected by email.

Mark Zinzow added that if there's any kind of issue, we can address it in a timely fashion

Martha Miller presented a gift certificate to Mark Zinzow for all his work on the website.

Charles Wingstrom cautioned the Board to concern itself with trash in the overflow pipe at the south end of the lake. It needs to be cleaned out periodically.

David Wickersheimer noted his concern about grass in the lake. Marv Carbonneau added that the mowers on Moraine Drive consistently throw grass clippings on the
street that eventually make their way into the Lake. Marietta Fernandes said that she would speak to the mowers about this

Martha Miller announced that we need to elect two new members of the Board. She proposed Marietta Fernandes and Dan Mc Pherson. They were duly approved.

Terry Prillaman then asked if a decision has been made regarding the raft at the north end of the lake. Martha replied that the Board needs to inspect the raft and will probably make a decision in the spring.

Alice Newbold commented that she is concerned about a film on the lake water in the fall. Several members commented that this is a naturally recurring phenomenon.

Terry Prillaman moved that we adjourn. Marv Carbonneau seconded the motion.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07 p.m.

Carol Le Seure