Maynard Lake Homeowner’s Association

Annual Meeting

November 19, 2002

The meeting was called to order by David Wilkins, President, who made introductions and outlined the meeting agenda.  Approximately 43 ML residents attended the meeting.

 The minutes from the last annual meeting were read by Carol Le Seure and approved by the membership.

 Marietta  Fernandes presented the Treasurer’s Report starting with the MLHA Expense Report for 2001-2002:


Income from Homeowner Dues plus interest       $ 18,782,41

Total Expenses                                                 -$   9,679.00 

Balance                                                           $    9,103.41


The Dredging Fund Balance is                           $     4103.41


All homeowner dues for this year have been collected except one.  A lien has

been placed on the property of that resident.


Eight houses in the ML community have changed owners in the last seven



MLHA has switched its liability coverage from Accordia to the Lewis Insurance

Agency because Accordia dropped our coverage for the lake and peninsula area.

The Lewis Agency is currently looking for an underwriter to insure those areas.

The beach area may have to be cordoned off until coverage is found.


Erosion control on the peninsula may become an expensive endeavor. Currently

the board envisions a 2 to 3 year plan for restoration which is estimated to cost



The MLHA Budget for 2002-2003 allows for $19,950.00 in expenses and was

unanimously approved by the membership.


The Cozad Asset Management Investment Review  of the MLHA investments as

of September 30, 2002 reports a portfolio balance of $173,885.65.


Pat Dorsey gave the Architecture Control Committee report.  He stressed the need for all residents to become familiar with the restrictive covenants of the MLHA.  The covenants may be found on the MLHA website.  The covenants may be different depending on which “plat” your property is located.  The Architecture Committee needs to approve changes and improvements to the exterior of any house – this includes siding, roofing, decks, fencing and out buildings.  Zoning permits are also essential.  Pat requested that residents submit 2 copies of any plans or sketches which include precise dimensions for proposed improvements to the Architecture Committee for approval. Pat emphasized the committee is an aid in helping the homeowner accomplish what they want within the covenants. 


John Scott presented the Fish and Lake Report.  The bass population seems underweight because of a sparse food source.  The blue gill numbers have increased. There are some carp in the lake but probably no catfish.  Overall the fishing is still good.  Copper Sulfate was not applied to the lake until July which may have been too late in the season to control the algae.  He recommended that the Copper Sulfate be applied in May next year.


The beach was closed for a short time in July because of a high ecoli bacteria level.  This was an unusual occurrence and was rapidly resolved.  Residents requested quicker notification if levels rise in the future.  A calling tree plan was discussed.


Non residents using the beach is still problematic.  Each household will be issued 4 identification tags to use in the commons area.  Residents were encouraged to ask unfamiliar people using the beach if they are residents and request that they leave if not.


Mark Zinzow reported on the MLHA website.  He and John Scott will be updating the information on the site. He hopes to obtain an email list of all residents to quickly and easily communicate with them about MLHA matters.  Some discussion ensued and residents wanted reassurance their email addresses would be protected from spam, etc.


Paul Dohme reported on the status of the Island and Peninsula.  The Island is overgrown and eroding.  The goose paths on the Island have become ruts for soil erosion.  Various conservation plans are being explored by the Board.  Paul is also contacting companies to trim and mulch the overgrown Peninsula. Some of the lawn needs to be reseeded and adding wildflowers would beautify the area.  Additional improvements to the Peninsula will be installation of a phone line near the beach for 911 calls, new signs with posts set in concrete, and a Porta Potty. These changes will bring the beach up to code with the Illinois Department of Public Health.


Walt Eichelberger was thanked for running the pump house near his property and maintaining the lake level in the dry season.


David Wilkins presented the slate of officers for the new Board.  The membership unanimously voted to accept the slate of officers: David Wilkins, President; Paul Dohme, Vice President; Eileen Prillaman, Treasurer; Linda Miller, Secretary; David Boyd and John Scott, Members at Large.

The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Linda L. Miller