Dear Members of the Maynard Lake Homeowners Association (MLHA),

    The Maynard Lake web site contains a great deal of information about the present as well as the past days of our Association. Perhaps much of this information is well-known or of limited interest to you, but occasionally questions arise about things that are going on in our neighborhood today or things that may have taken place during the 40-plus years since the beginning of our community. Indeed, you may discover, as we have, that there are very few persons still in our area who know the details of the formation, naming, and evolution of Maynard Lake and the community that surrounds it.

    The web site contains what we know of this past, present, and, to some degree, the future of our area, and it is these aspects of our community that our web site seeks to describe and preserve. Consequently, for those of you who may be interested, we list here the present types of information that are found on our web page. We would also point out that the information that is recorded here continues to be modified and updated — thus, what we have recorded as of today will continue to be extended as we move forward.

    So, here are the categories currently found on our web page, and the type of information found in each category:

1. HOME: a description of our community and of the Maynard Lake web site, currently in the capable hands of Webmaster Howard Black. In addition, there is a description of the Maynard Lake community and a listing of the contributors who have been involved in the past and recent development of the web site. This section also contains a map of the Maynard Lake Subdivision, including street map, satellite, and earth views of the area These maps can be zoomed in or out and can be dragged in any desired direction.

2. NEWS: the recent events that have taken place, or will take place in the Maynard Lake area. New items are entered regularly, and old items are removed as they become outdated. At this point, they are added to the News Archive, so that all previous news items can be accessed.

3. MAYNARD LAKE: A four-item drop-down submenu, linking to four pages whose subjects are all associated with Maynard Lake:

A. Our History: a chronologically arranged display of photographs, newspaper articles, sales brochures, etc. that show our growth from a large muddy hole to the beautiful community we call home!

B. Photography: opens into three photographic displays:

"Natural Beauty" - a beautiful collection of photographs of the lake and the surrounding property, available as a gallery of small images (all of which can be expanded to full size) or an automated slideshow at full screen. Don't miss this!
    2. "July 4 Regattas" - a wonderful gallery of photographs from our yearly regattas on the lake, beginning with 2010 - one of the high points of the neighborhood's July 4th parties!
    3. "Fall Colors"- a beautiful assortment of images during the fall of 2013 by MLHA residents. Really special.

C. Lot Map: the official surveyor's map of our subdivision, with only lot numbers and street names, showing the development of the six subdivisions that make up our community. Clicking the image gives you the map in its original dimensions - 2' x 3'!

D. Seawall Project: a pictorial history of the project when we had a contractor install the steel seawall visible around the lake; this prevents the problems we've had with erosion over many years past.

4. COMMUNITY: a two-item menu:

A. Local Features: a potpourri of links to attractions around Champaign-Urbana, including publicity sites, guides to local businesses, churches, organizations, etc.

B. "Official" Links: a collection of links to official local and state agencies, including the DMV, Sec'y. of State, police, fire, regional planning, legal dept., etc.

5. NEWSLETTERS: a collection containing newsletters that go back to 1979, when the earliest newsletters were circulated to members. Individual newsletters can be searched for specific items that were of note at the time. Furthermore, as a new addition to this section, all of newsletters can searched in a single query to find any search term that appears in any of the past newsletters, and exactly which newsletter(s) contained the search item.

6. MLHA MEETING MINUTES: available minutes of past annual meetings of the MLHA.

7. REGULATIONS: indexed listings of the Lake Regulations, Covenants and By-Laws of the MLHA.

8. BOARDS/COMMITTEES: a listing of the current members of the Board of Directors, the Architectural and Landscape Control Committee, and the Lake Committee. This section also contains listings of the Boards and Committee members from past years, going back to 1970. The latter information is further tabulated to show the total number of years of service to the MLHA that were recorded for each member who served in any single or multiple capacities or terms on behalf of the members of the MLHA.

    Please note that a somewhat abbreviated version of this description of each category of the site is available on the Home page via a link to the right of the menu phrase "Finding Your Way Around!", which states: "for more info, click here"

    We thank you for helping us in the development of our web page to its current stage, and we would welcome your suggestions for further improvements.

    Howard Black and Ed Conrad