Maureen has sent a leaf pickup message based on a notice to her from Keith Padgett, the Champaign County Commissioner, that members could have an early pickup of leaves. If you have leaf bags full already, they could be put out earlyThursday & Friday but we'll also have the normal pickup date of Monday the 18th.

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(Apple seems to have gotten all of the spelling in her message correct).]

Keith Padgett's message is as follows:

Since there is a chance for rain Sat. and Sun., could you sent out a e-mail blast that bags set out on the curb Thur and Fri would be picked up before the rain on Sat/Sun. We would make every effort to pick up those bags Thur and Fri.

Hopefully we could get a lot of dry bags in to the Road District lot. No matter what, the Township will be picking up bags on Monday the 18th.

If you could let me know how many people respond to this, it would help to know what time could be involved.

Thank You

P.S. sorry for such short notice

L. Keith Padgett
Champaign Township Highway Commissioner