Memorandum To: Maynard Lake Homeowner Resident

From: John Scott

Date: 11/12/98

Re: Application of Dues

The annual dues of one hundred forty dollars is intended to provide the following
    1. Lake dredging fund
    2. Maintenance for the commons peninsula
    3. Cover expenses associated with the pump house for the lake
    4. Provide supplies, copies, and mailing expenses for Homeowner communication
    5. Provide legal fees for the association
    6. Provide a fish stocking program
    7. Provide for sand for the commons beach
    8. Provide for legal compliance of the commons beach use
    9. Cover expenses associated with fund investment
    10. Pay taxes of the Maynard Lake Homeowner Association assets
The document is not to be considered a legal document. The intent of this document is to provide a basic idea of how the dues of Maynard Lake Homeowner Association are used. A legally recognized board has not approved this document. The views here represent that of a fellow Homeowner. [an error occurred while processing this directive]