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This page is provided to inform our visitors of new additions, improvements, and other enhancements to the MLHA web site (http://maynardlake.org). It is also a resource for making suggestions concerning the site, informing us of errors or pages that need to be updated, volunteering for joining the web site team, etc.

This table is updated by adding items every time something fairly important happens. It does not include standard web maintenance, upgrading of background routines and scripts that are invisible to visitors, and similar transparent webmaster duties. Each change is noted by its date of completion and my description of (with an occasional editorial comment on) the change that was made.

Note added 7/1/11: I was recently asked about the status of this page; it bears repeating here (the inquiry was very good-natured; the person was just curious about the periodical nature of entries here). Remember, only substantial, fairly important changes are noted here; the daily maintenance tasks that fall to webmasters are usually transparent to visitors - that is, no one can tell anything happened. And that's how it should be.
     When I began my tenure as Webmaster in late summer of 2009, the site was in desperate need of a total makeover from the ground up - and I mean *everything*, from overall concept and themes to navigation and security concerns. When doing a job like that, big things happen all the time, and this page stays busy!
     As of several months ago, though, the site finally reached that wonderful "state of being" that's near & dear to webmasters' hearts: It virtually never runs into operational problems, and with the exception of standard site maintenance, it requires almost no attention.
     When something important happens, you'll hear about it here first!

Improvements/Additions/Major Changes in the MLHA Web Site
Date Site Change
09-24-16 Added new page to "Social Events" about the garden walk.
09-21-16 Added Fall 2016 Newsletter to Newsletter Archives page.
08-02-16 Added new page to "Social Events" about the musical evening.
10-04-15 Added new page on "Social Events", with the potluck as the leadoff link.
08-12-15 Added 2015 regatta section, with all photos contributed by Vicki Patton.
08-02-15 Redesigned "Meeting Minutes" page to incorporate the minutes from Board meetings other than the annual MLHA meeting in October.
07-13-15 Added phone numbers and email addresses for each Board member on the "Current" page under Boards & Committees.
12-06-14 Added minutes from 2014 MLHA meeting in October.
10-31-14 Added new bar beneath News menu item, leading to the news archive. Perhaps such direct access will increase its usage.
07-25-14 Finished 2014 regatta photo section - three pages long this year! Thanks to all of the great photographers in MLHA for making this year's project the best of the five years we've been doing these photo displays at each regatta.
07-17-14 Removed reminder about links at the bottom of the page that was in the section with the blue background near the top. The addition of the "Important Notices" link (see below) made the section too crowded.
07-08-14 Added a new link to "Important Notices", a new popup window with notices that are important for MLHA members to see in a timely manner, especially if they're not covered in the News page.
06-22-14 Added new link to real estate site with available homes in the Maynard Lake area.
06-18-14 Link added to weather widget at bottom right of index page, leading to a new popup window with the forecast for the week, also from AccuWeather.
05-09-14 The Covenants page had become corrupted again (see entry for 1-6-14) in that none of the intrapage links (from the TOC) worked. Went through entire page and renamed all anchors and re-linked them to the correct TOC items. It's still unknown why this particular page seems so prone to corruption.
04-09-14 Added a new layer of protection of the site against spammers, hackers, bots of all kinds, etc., as a service of our hosting server, GoDaddy.com. At $9.99/yr, it seemed like a good additional defense against those who would do our site harm. You won't notice anything different about the way the site operates; if you do, please let me know asap!
03-12-14 Replaced worn-out old weather readout with slick new widget from Accu-Weather®.
01-06-14 Page on Covenants (under "Regs") was corrupted on server. Was downloaded and repaired with backup copy. Required much additional work, including re-linking the menu to the page. Cause unknown so far.
12-03-13 Added a whole new photographic section called "Fall Colors", comprised of submissions from members. The theme was to show off Maynard Lake's beautiful colors in the fall. The response was great, and the display features 40 incredible images!
07-19-13 The History page has been completely rewritten and reformatted! The research, writing, and general layout were done by Ed Conrad and Carol Le Seure.
07-08-13 Rearranged and reformatted link area at bottom of index page to improve visibility and color coordination.
05-06-13 Added a "detailed info" link above the menu bar, which brings up the email Ed and I sent to the community describing the site. This email covers every link in the menu bar.
04-27-13 Updated, removed extraneous links, and other maintenance to both "Community" pages.
04-17-13 Reformatted News Archive to clearly show the years in which certain news items appeared.
03-07-13 Replaced defective Google search engine for searching the newsletter archives.
12-06-12 Added custom Google search engine for searching entire site
11-24-12 Added minutes from 2012 Annual Meeting
09-13-12 Installed new Guestbook, encouraging all to sign.
08-19-12 Added "ClustrMap" to bottom left corder of window. It allows anyone to see where site visitors are from - anywhere in the world!
07-31-12 The hosting site for the guestbook disappeared without notice or any way to retrieve the contents of the old one! I'm looking with all possible speed to find a replacement, but there are 100's out there and the process could take a long time. :-(
03-27-12 Updated index page with new message, graphics, etc.
Updated index page with new message, graphics, etc.
Added/corrected the Boards & Committee pages so that they're now accurate through October 2012.
Corrected, reformatted, and made other improvements to the minutes from the annual meeting last October.
Reformatted and improved the layout of both Boards & Committee pages
Reformatted the local links at the bottom of the index page to a more compact and user-friendly format
Created new page, highlighting our annual regattas, which is under the "Maynard Lake" entry in the menu bar.
Optimized the "Today in History" widget; now four events appear which can all be exchanged with page reload
Added widget for The Weather Channel to index page - gives forecast for our area with one click
Added small digital clock under "New Additions" image. Looks nice!
Added "Today in History" widget to "Our History" page
Have expanded project begun on 2/27/11 to include all navigational devices
Started long-term project to standardize all page headers
Reworded and updated Web team index page; fixed font centering problem.
Solicitation brought some Guestbook signings but no more photos. Updated links to and posted rest of current good photos. Without additional contributions, project is over for now. Feedback's been great.
Fixed menu problem with length. Posted 1/2 of the slides with slideshow & sent email around as inducement for greater participation
Finished "Community" pages & Picasa slideshow. Edited menu to reflect site reorganization & linked new menu to new pages.
Photo gallery finished and incorporated; switching to Picasa slideshow. Working on new "Community" pages.
Began developing the templates and architecture for the new site for photos of the subdivision and its wild residents.
Added links to Privacy and Copyright statements (index page, bottom right), along with links to the site map and contact page.
Soliciting photos of local plants & esp. creatures for completely new section of web site; currently retouching, color balancing, etc. Tentative deadline for publication of test run using prototypical image handling templates: 01/05/11.
Added road condition links to index page. No announcement; let's see if anyone notices
Reformatted "Info about Links" page (above menu on index page) to table format; makes reading much easier.
Added a new page in the NEWS area which features all postings - old & new - made on the page since I became Webmaster.
Reformatted "Bylaws" page to utilize smaller lake photo, as is being done throughout the site.
Added a small weather widget to the index page, which gives the current conditions and, when clicked, provides a detailed forecast in a new page.
Added Rick Schroeder's contact information on the MLHA Contacts page.
Added new Guestbook utility; linked from main page for now.
Moved MLHA site to new hosting server (GoDaddy©) to avoid major problems at old host (Comcast), including extended downtime, ineffective and/or untrained support staff, etc.
Added recently-discovered Annual Meeting Minutes doc (10/25/2001) and three newsletters: April & July 1997; Summer 2003.

This summary page came into existence in mid-October 2010, so the enhancements that took place over the several months prior to that time, after I'd become Webmaster, are summarized below:

  • The site's URL was submitted to a series of search engines, allowing it to be found more easily when using Google's Search or other web search engines.
  • A new page, documenting the ongoing Seawall Project, was launched.
  • The Newsletter Archive was completely revised, with a list of all newsletters in the archive with date of issue and various keywords. Also, the entire archive can now be searched on-line with a special Google custom search.
  • The Boards & Committees pages were totally reworked, with one page covering the current makeup of the Board and important committees and another detailing previous members of these bodies. In the "Previous" page, there is now a compilation of all prior members, their date of last service, and the total number of years served by each individual.
  • A Google Maps representation of Maynard Lake was added to the first (index) page, enabling visitors to zoom in, drag the map around, and perform other functions typical of the cutting-edge Google Maps program.

These represent the major improvements made, and do not include the refinement and standardization of various procedures and templates, resulting in a site where the pages are similarly laid out and share common navigational elements.

As stated elsewhere in this site, if you have any input whatsoever, please email me any time - just use the "Webmaster" link at the bottom of every page.

Thanks for your support and interest!

Howard Black
    Please read the letter from Ed Conrad and me to the MLHA community concerning this site!

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