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This page is provided to inform our visitors of new additions, improvements, and other enhancements to the MLHA web site (http://maynardlake.org). It is also a resource for making suggestions concerning the site, informing us of errors or pages that need to be updated, volunteering for joining the web site team, etc.

This table is updated by adding items every time something fairly important happens. It does not include standard web maintenance, upgrading of background routines and scripts that are invisible to visitors, and similar transparent webmaster duties. Each change is noted by its date of completion and my description of (with an occasional editorial comment on) the change that was made.

Improvements/Additions/Major Changes in the MLHA Web Site
Date Site Change
09-11-18 Added Spring 2018 Newsletter to Newsletter Archives page.
09-21-16 Added Fall 2016 Newsletter to Newsletter Archives page.

As stated elsewhere in this site, if you have any input whatsoever, please email me any time - just use the "Webmaster" link at the bottom of every page.

Thanks for your support and interest!

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